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Half-day Photo Tour

Discover the Magdalen Islands with local photographer Nigel Quinn

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  • An easy way to step-up your photography skills while getting some fresh air in a spectacular setting

  • Not heavy-handed on technical photo concepts, main concern is being aware of what you want to share through a photo.

  • Sleep in, no sunrise sessions (unless you absolutely want to)

  • You will be guided to the best locations to make the most of the gorgeous light

  • Get a better understanding of the history and culture of les Iles (I am a trained history professor after all)

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Discover our most picturesque gems with an award-winning photographer and create your own vision of les Iles. With open horizons, wind-sculpted colorful capes and easy access to eastern and western locations, creating photographs here is a delightful experience.

We will learn proper technique for capturing the landscape, with an emphasis on intent when clicking the shutter. We visit my favorite locations in the best available light and you will have ample time to explore them on your own, while I shall give instruction and feedback to each guest. Come chase the light and discover why les Iles are renowned. Small groups of six guests. 

  • Cost: 100CAD$ plus taxes - couples or Hotel Accent guests: 90CAD$ plus taxes

  • Duration:  4 hours, sunset golden-hour photography

  • Locations: 2-3 depending on group and conditions (I tend to prioritize quality over quantity)

  • Transportation included - we travel in a Ford Flex


For reservations or inquiries: 418 937 0039 or

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