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Artist Statement

I am a photographer born and raised in les Iles de la Madeleine (or the Magdalen Islands). I specialize in landscape and portrait photography.

Landscape photography is to me the best cure for cynicism and stress. Unapologetically esthetic in nature, there is a simple idealism in the subjective framing and presentation of a landscape in its best light that I find so very rewarding. To isolate a small piece of nature, seemingly untouched by man and share this dream with others through a photograph is a game I will gladly play for a lifetime.

Having grown up on an island, I draw my inspiration mostly from the surrounding water. Where I come from, it is rare to not see blue on both sides of the horizon. And as a composition tool, water is so very versatile. The heart and soul of my pictures generally come from the interaction of the light with the sea. From peaceful dreamy longer exposures to the violence and impact of the waves crashing into our capes, coastal scenes will remain my favorite subject, my Blue Muse.

Nevertheless, I am quite happy to face the challenge of capturing the beauty and character of other landscapes. Be it densely wooded areas where light is an implied presence or a dramatic guest or towering mountains framed against the snow blowing from their peaks.

Although I have a classic landscape photographer’s workflow that depends very much on the use of a tripod and filters matched to a careful and deliberate composition in good light, lately I have sacrificed some of that control to create particular photographs. I am no longer satisfied with capturing water from afar. To paraphrase Robert Capa, I need to get closer. I now have an underwater housing for my camera, to create wave portraiture. While no one will confuse the Magdalen Islands with Maui, we do get small scale barrels along our beaches. My goal for my local photography is to combine imagery from the water with more classic views to reveal the true personality of my home.

I admit that my new love is towards portrait photography. I find the mutual respect created between subject and photographer is simply fascinating.  I have started to receive recognition for this part of my work. I am drawn to a classic style, well thought out composition, lighting that resembles a natural source and an authentic setting. I have an aesthetic sensitivity in all my photography, the starting element being an appropriate lighting. I feel that my background in landscape photography serves me we in creating portraits that are rich in detail and texture without losing interest in the subject. 

I completed a project on Entry Island in 2010 titled La face cachée de la face cachée de l'Ile d'Entrée. It was a landscape photography study of the growing depopulation of the island. It was financed with an art grant of 1000$ offered by Télé-Québec and Arrimage. I pursued that interest in demographics with my portrait project, What remains. I am creating a portrait of every willing resident remaining on Entry Island. It was financed with a 14 800$ grant by the CALQ, the CRÉ-GIM and la Commission jeunesse Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine.